Australian College of Sport | Netball
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The Australian College of Sport has collaborated with Netball NSW and Erin Bell to deliver a selection of nationally accredited qualifications for the aspiring professional netballer. Recognised internationally for their success on the world stage, former Australian Diamonds and Sonics are on staff with the Australian College of Sport to develop curriculum that is world class. Learn from former champions on how you can take your game to the next level.


Please see Courses for school leavers below:

Diploma of Sport Development


Sport Development

Elite Netball Pathway


This qualification is a highly sophisticated and customised program for the aspiring professional netballer. Advanced skills training and curriculum in the high performance space are strongly individualised for each student athlete.


Program curriculum comprises technical, physical, mental and tactical elements of netball coordinated with sport science, the business of professional sport and career preparation skills. This program has been developed in partnership with National and Championship Coaches, elite mind experts the IKON Institute of Australia, peak sporting organisations and the Australian College of Sport.


Upon graduation in the Diploma of Sport Development, and for those students who wish to progress their study at Bachelor level, credit transfer arrangements are available with Australian College of Sport University partners.



Tuition Fee

Fee Deferral Available


1 Year