Withdrawal and Refund Policy


This policy is applicable to domestic students who are enrolled in a non-FEE-HELP enabled course offered by the Australian College of Sport [ACS].

Outlined below are the procedures for aithdrawal from a Program including refunds of fees.

Students may withdraw from a Program at any time, however, fees may still apply.

In selecting Australian College of Sport [ACS] as your training provider we commit to the delivery of a quality and relevant study program which will provide you with every opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge. Should you find yourself in a position where you are not able to keep pace with study requirements, program attendance and/or achievement of required assessments, please talk to us. We will endeavour to explore every opportunity that will assist and support you in achieving your training goals. 


To withdraw from an ACS Program you must advise an ACS staff member as soon as possible. The preferred method of advising withdrawal is to email admin@collegeofsport.edu.au.

To request a refund of fees paid, a formal request for refund must be sent in writing via email to admin@collegeofsport.edu.au outlining the reason for requesting a refund.


Refund Policy

As a general policy, if a student cancels seven [7] days prior to program commencement, a full refund will be provided. Where a cancellation within seven [7] days of program commencement is received, an administrative fee of $350 will be charged to cover resources, printing and administrative costs. The balance of fees paid will be refunded.

Where a student withdraws from an ACS Program after commencement and requests a refund, the refund amount is calculated against units commenced within the program, as well as an administrative fee of $350. The balance of fees paid will be refunded.


Cancellation by ACS

In the unlikely event that ACS cancels a Unit[s] of Study, the VET Tuition Assurance arrangement will operate to allow students to access VET course assurance or VET tuition fee repayment options. For further details about these options refer to ACS’s Statement of VET Tuition Assurance.