Withdrawal and Refund Policy VFH

This policy is applicable to domestic students who are enrolled in a FEE-HELP enabled course offered by the Australian College of Sport [ACS].

Outlined below are the procedures for Withdrawal from Units of Study including refunds of Tuition Fees and/or re-crediting of a FEE-HELP Balance.

Students may withdraw from a Unit[s] of Study, however, Tuition Fees may still apply.

Below is an explanation of important timeframes for withdrawal.

Withdrawing before Census Date

  • Students who withdraw from their enrolled Unit[s] of Study before Census Date will not incur any Tuition Fees
  • Students who have chosen to defer their Tuition Fees through FEE-HELP will not incur a FEE-HELP debt for the Unit[s] of Study from which they have withdrawn
  • Students who have paid their Tuition Fees upfront will receive a refund of these fees

Withdrawing after Census Date

  • Students withdrawing after the Census Date will not receive a refund nor a re-credit of the FEE-HELP debt incurred unless there are special circumstances*

* If you withdraw from a Unit of Study after the census date because you become seriously ill or for other special circumstances; you can apply to ACS for a refund of tuition fees paid upfront or to have your FEE-HELP balance re-credited. For more information on special circumstances please click here.


Cancellation by ACS

In the unlikely event that ACS cancels a Unit[s] of Study, the VET Tuition Assurance arrangement will operate to allow students to access VET course assurance or VET tuition fee repayment options. For further details about these options refer to ACS’s Statement of VET Tuition Assurance.



To Withdraw from Unit[s] of Study you must advise an ACS staff member as soon as possible. The preferred method of advising withdrawal is to email admin@collegeofsport.edu.au.

Related Standards and References

  • Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA)
  • VET Administration Information for Providers
  • VET Guidelines
  • Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015
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