Student Assessment Policy

During the course of study with the Australian College of Sport you will need to complete various tasks. It is very important that you read and understand the following. If you have any questions or require clarification please speak to your coordinating lecturer.

Assessment is used for a wide range of purposes both within a competency-based training system and related applications spanning both the workplace and training institutions. In many assessment arrangements, persons carrying out assessment work in close cooperation with the person being assessed.


Submissions of research, or original work

Where original work is submitted, it must be accompanied by a cover sheet stating that the work is free of plagiarism and is your own work.


Application for extension of due date

An application for extension of a due date for assessment must be made in writing on the prescribed form available from the Australian College of Sport, please apply to: or call 1300 859 880.

The application for extension must be received by the course coordinator or lecturer prior to 5:00pm on the day before the due date. The approval, or otherwise, of any application is at the discretion of the course coordinator or lecturer. The maximum extension available in these circumstances is for a period of five [5] working days. You should be aware that any application for an extension for a period of longer than five [5] working days must be supported by documentary evidence (i.e. medical certificate).



If you have failed to meet the learning outcomes in an assessment, you may be reassessed a second time, provided that you have satisfied the assessor that reasonable efforts have been made. For example; in assessments of written materials or assignments it would normally be expected that a re-sit would be appropriate if a grade of 45% was achieved. A grade of 40-45% after negotiation with the lecturer and reenrollment would be normally necessary with grades of less than 40%. If still unsuccessful, any additional attempts at that assessment may be negotiated on an individual basis, and will be subject to a fee.

*Note: reassessment should use a different instrument when appropriate.



Where there are medical or compassionate grounds for reassessment, that reassessment will stand in place of the previous attempt. Normally a medical certificate will be required.


Non completion of assessment tasks

If you fail to complete an assessment task, for any unit of study, by the due date and have not applied for an extension, the assessment will be adjusted to incomplete. If you have complied with other course requirements, you may be able to negotiate an opportunity to submit work to a satisfactory level at the discretion of the course coordinator or lecturer, to be deemed competent. This submission may include an alternative assessment task.  After five overdue working days, if student contact has not been made with the course coordinator, the assessment is automatically recorded as incomplete.

If you fail to attend a pre arranged practical assessment, without pre-arranged extension or alternative reason justified by documentary evidence, a non competent result will normally be recorded. Where this assessment is a holistic summative assessment a re assessment may be arranged for a fee. Where the assessment forms a component of a series of assessments, or is a prerequisite to further assessments, a reassessment may be arranged for a fee.