ACS History

The Australian College of Sport was established in Adelaide, South Australia in November 2006. The College was founded on a vision for delivery of an individualised athlete development model, derived from the most successful high performance programs in the world, combined within a formal qualification that best prepares athletes for a professional playing career .

After a global research project into high performance training regimes across sports, and with an initial focus on golf for athletes embarking on a professional playing career, ACS commenced delivery of its nationally accredited Diploma of Sport Development. Since this time, ACS has grown significantly.

With its continued success, in June 2011 ACS commenced relocation of its Golf Program to establish two new Campuses in Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, VIC. ACS also launched its Basketball Program later that same year and now boasts the largest and most successful athlete development programs of their kind in Australia.

In 2015, ACS launches its Football Program and expansion of its Basketball Program with a second Campus also being opened in Sydney. In 2016, additional sports are being announced that will continue the ACS vision for representing the very best education based programs in the world for developing athletes.